SaGe SPARQL 1.1 compliance results

Here you will find the results for the W3C SPARQL 1.1 compliance test when using the Java or Javascript SaGe client.

The testing software is available on Github.

Overall results

  • Number of validated tests: 163 over 225
  • Number of failed tests: 62 over 225
  • Overall SPARQL 1.1 compliance: 72%

Unsupported SPARQL 1.1 features

Detailed results

W3C SPARQL 1.1 Test Executable with SaGe?
Java client Javascript client
aggregates/agg01 Yes Yes
aggregates/agg02 Yes Yes
aggregates/agg03 Yes Yes
aggregates/agg04 Yes Yes
aggregates/agg05 Yes Yes
aggregates/agg06 Yes Yes
aggregates/agg07 Yes Yes
aggregates/agg08b Yes Yes
aggregates/agg-groupconcat-1 Yes Yes
aggregates/agg-groupconcat-2 Yes Yes
aggregates/agg-groupconcat-3 Yes Yes
aggregates/agg-avg-01 Yes Yes
aggregates/agg-avg-02 No No
aggregates/agg-min-01 Yes Yes
aggregates/agg-min-02 No No
aggregates/agg-max-01 Yes Yes
aggregates/agg-max-02 Yes Yes
aggregates/agg-sum-01 Yes Yes
aggregates/agg-sum-02 No No
aggregates/agg-sample-01 Yes Yes
aggregates/agg-err-01 Yes Yes
aggregates/agg-err-02 No No
aggregates/agg-empty-group No No
bindings/values01 Yes Yes
bindings/values02 Yes Yes
bindings/values03 Yes Yes
bindings/values04 Yes Yes
bindings/values05 Yes Yes
bindings/values06 Yes Yes
bindings/values07 Yes Yes
bindings/values08 Yes Yes
bindings/inline01 Yes Yes
bindings/inline02 Yes Yes
bind/bind01 Yes Yes
bind/bind02 Yes Yes
bind/bind03 Yes Yes
bind/bind04 Yes Yes
bind/bind05 Yes Yes
bind/bind06 Yes Yes
bind/bind07 Yes Yes
bind/bind08 Yes Yes
bind/bind10 Yes Yes
bind/bind11 Yes Yes
entailment/rdf02 Yes Yes
entailment/rdf03 Yes Yes
entailment/rdf04 Yes Yes
entailment/rdfs08 Yes Yes
entailment/rdfs11 No No
entailment/rdfs12 Yes Yes
entailment/rdfs13 No No
entailment/plainLit Yes Yes
entailment/paper-sparqldl-Q5 No No
entailment/bind01 No No
entailment/bind02 No No
entailment/bind03 No No
entailment/bind04 No No
entailment/bind05 No No
entailment/bind06 No No
entailment/bind07 No No
entailment/bind08 No No
entailment/sparqldl-01 Yes Yes
entailment/sparqldl-04 Yes Yes
entailment/sparqldl-05 Yes Yes
entailment/sparqldl-06 Yes Yes
entailment/sparqldl-07 Yes Yes
entailment/sparqldl-08 Yes Yes
entailment/sparqldl-09 Yes Yes
entailment/sparqldl-12 Yes Yes
entailment/lang Yes Yes
entailment/parent2 Yes Yes
exists/exists01 No No
exists/exists02 Yes Yes
exists/exists03 No No
exists/exists04 Yes Yes
exists/exists05 No No
functions/strdt01 Yes Yes
functions/strdt02 Yes Yes
functions/strdt03 No No
functions/strlang01 Yes Yes
functions/strlang02 Yes Yes
functions/strlang03 No No
functions/isnumeric01 Yes Yes
functions/abs01 Yes Yes
functions/ceil01 Yes Yes
functions/floor01 Yes Yes
functions/round01 Yes Yes
functions/concat01 Yes Yes
functions/concat02 Yes Yes
functions/substring01 Yes Yes
functions/substring02 Yes Yes
functions/length01 Yes Yes
functions/ucase01 Yes Yes
functions/lcase01 Yes Yes
functions/encode01 Yes Yes
functions/contains01 Yes Yes
functions/starts01 Yes Yes
functions/ends01 Yes Yes
functions/plus-1 No No
functions/plus-2 No No
functions/md5-01 Yes Yes
functions/md5-02 Yes Yes
functions/sha1-01 Yes Yes
functions/sha1-02 Yes Yes
functions/sha256-01 Yes Yes
functions/sha256-02 Yes Yes
functions/sha512-01 Yes Yes
functions/sha512-02 Yes Yes
functions/hours-01 No No
functions/minutes-01 No No
functions/seconds-01 No No
functions/year-01 Yes Yes
functions/month-01 No No
functions/day-01 No No
functions/timezone-01 Yes Yes
functions/tz-01 Yes Yes
functions/bnode01 No No
functions/in01 Yes Yes
functions/in02 Yes Yes
functions/notin01 Yes Yes
functions/notin02 Yes Yes
functions/now01 Yes Yes
functions/rand01 Yes Yes
functions/bnode02 Yes Yes
functions/iri01 Yes Yes
functions/if01 Yes Yes
functions/if02 Yes Yes
functions/coalesce01 Yes Yes
functions/strbefore01 Yes Yes
functions/strbefore01 Yes Yes
functions/strbefore02 Yes Yes
functions/strafter01 Yes Yes
functions/strafter01 Yes Yes
functions/strafter02 Yes Yes
functions/replace01 Yes Yes
functions/replace02 Yes Yes
functions/replace03 Yes Yes
functions/uuid01 No No
functions/struuid01 No No
grouping/group01 Yes Yes
grouping/group02 Yes Yes
grouping/group03 Yes Yes
grouping/group04 Yes Yes
grouping/group05 Yes Yes
negation/subsetByExcl01 Yes Yes
negation/subsetByExcl02 Yes Yes
negation/temporalProximity01 Yes Yes
negation/subset-01 Yes Yes
negation/subset-02 Yes Yes
negation/set-equals-1 Yes Yes
negation/subset-03 Yes Yes
negation/exists-01 Yes Yes
negation/exists-02 No No
negation/full-minuend Yes Yes
negation/part-minuend Yes Yes
project-expression/projexp01 Yes Yes
project-expression/projexp02 Yes Yes
project-expression/projexp03 Yes Yes
project-expression/projexp04 Yes Yes
project-expression/projexp05 Yes Yes
project-expression/projexp06 Yes Yes
project-expression/projexp07 Yes Yes
property-path/pp01 Yes Yes
property-path/pp02 Yes Yes
property-path/pp03 Yes Yes
property-path/pp06 No Yes
property-path/pp06 No Yes
property-path/pp08 Yes Yes
property-path/pp09 Yes Yes
property-path/pp10 Yes Yes
property-path/pp11 Yes Yes
property-path/pp12 Yes Yes
property-path/pp14 Yes Yes
property-path/pp14 Yes Yes
property-path/path-2-2 Yes Yes
property-path/path-2-2 Yes Yes
property-path/path-2-2 Yes Yes
property-path/path-p2 Yes Yes
property-path/path-p3 Yes Yes
property-path/path-p4 Yes Yes
property-path/path-ng-01 No Yes
property-path/path-ng-02 No Yes
property-path/pp36 Yes Yes
property-path/pp37 Yes Yes
service/service01 Yes Yes
service/service02 Yes Yes
service/service03 Yes Yes
service/service04a Yes Yes
service/service05 Yes Yes
service/service06 Yes Yes
service/service07 Yes Yes
subquery/sq11 Yes Yes
subquery/sq12 No No
subquery/sq11 Yes Yes
subquery/sq14 No No
construct/constructwhere01 Yes Yes
construct/constructwhere02 Yes Yes
construct/constructwhere03 Yes Yes
construct/constructwhere04 Yes Yes
csv-tsv-res/csvtsv01 Yes No
csv-tsv-res/csvtsv02 Yes No
csv-tsv-res/csvtsv01 Yes No
csv-tsv-res/csvtsv01 Yes No
csv-tsv-res/csvtsv02 Yes No
csv-tsv-res/csvtsv01 Yes No
json-res/jsonres01 Yes No
json-res/jsonres02 Yes No
json-res/jsonres03 Yes No
json-res/jsonres04 Yes No
subquery/sq01 No No
subquery/sq02 No No
subquery/sq03 No No
subquery/sq04 No No
subquery/sq05 No No
subquery/sq06 No No
subquery/sq07 Yes Yes
subquery/sq08 No No
subquery/sq09 No No
subquery/sq10 No No
subquery/sq13 Yes Yes
subquery/sq14 Yes Yes